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Renewing Your SFA Certification


As recommended by both the "International Curriculum Guidelines for Preparing Physical Activity Instructors of Older Adults" and  the "National Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Instructors," SFA requires all certified professionals to maintain current certification in both Adult CPR and First Aid. AED certification, although recommended, is not required.

Approved CPR and First Aid certification programs must meet or exceed OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor  Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Guidelines for First Aid Training Programs.

For example, the American Red Cross program, "Standard First Aid with CPR/AED - Adult" is a commonly available program that will meet these requirements. However, although the American Heart Association's "First Aid & CPR Training/Certification" program will meet SFA's requirements, their Heartsaver CPR/AED program will only meet the CPR requirement.

NOTE: Those that originally earned their CPR and/or First Aid certification through an approved provider such as those listed below, may renew their certifications through an OSHA approved online CPR/First Aid certification provider.

Below are some of the programs that will meet SFA"s CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) requirement.

American Red Cross

  • Adult CPR
  • Adult CPR/AED
  • Community CPR
  • CPR for the Professional Rescuer

American Heart Association:

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Health Care Provider
  • Heartsaver CPR
  • AHA Basic Life Support Instructor or Instructor Trainer for the courses listed above

National Safety Council:

  • Adult CPR
  • First Responder (includes First Aid)

American Safety & Health Institute:

  • CPR Pro
  • CPR/AED for the Community and Workplace

E.M.S. Safety Services CPR

Below are some of the programs that will meet SFA"s First Aid requirement. Many of these programs also include approved CPR training.

American Heart Association:

  •  First Aid & CPR Training/Certification

American Red Cross:

  • USOC Sport Safety Training
  • Sports Injury Prevention and First Aid
  • Community First Aid & Safety (includes CPR)
  • First Aid Responding to Emergencies (includes CPR)
  • First Aid Basics
  • Emergency Response (includes CPR)
  • Lifeguard Training (includes CPR)
  • Standard First Aid/CPR/AED (includes CPR)

National Safety Council:

  • First Aid
  • First Responder (includes CPR)

American Safety & Health Institute:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic (includes CPR)

Medic First Aid (includes CPR)

E.M.S. Safety Services First Aid

Life Education of Florida First Aid for All Ages

Save-A-Life Educators - First Aid

If your CPR/First Aid course is not listed above, please provide proof of OSHA guidelines compliance with the certification documents.









International Curriculum Guidelines for Preparing Physical Activity Instructors of Older Adults.  

National Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Instructors

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