NeoCORTA for Proactive Brain Fitness

Friday, July 16th, 2010 by American Senior Fitness Association   View This Issue of Experience!

The American Senior Fitness Association (SFA) strongly urges older adult fitness providers to help clients achieve whole-person wellness, which includes taking practical evidence-based steps to optimize brain health.To that end, SFA’s respected professional education program Brain Fitness for Older Adults teaches senior fitness leaders how to integrate cognitive fitness into their physical activity services. To credibly and confidently offer such guidance, senior fitness specialists need a basic understanding of: (1) brain anatomy and physiology; (2) social, emotional, lifestyle and other impacting factors; and (3) how to make current research actionable in the older adult health-fitness setting. SFA’s popular distance-learning course, Brain Fitness for Older Adults, provides these necessary foundations.

Today, we are pleased to announce SFA’s endorsement of a related resource, the NeoCORTA proactive brain fitness service, which is exceptionally compatible for use with SFA’s study program and brain fitness activity plans. Together, SFA and NeoCORTA professional tools well-equip senior fitness instructors, trainers, and program directors to provide their mature clientele with comprehensive, state-of-the-art cognitive fitness support.

Founded in 2008, NeoCORTA is an internet-based service that applies assessment and predictive modeling capabilities in its mission to enable adults to maintain and improve their brain fitness. Its Brain Fitness Check-up assesses each person in 32 key areas and uses this data to forecast specific changes in each individual’s brain fitness status. Each user receives a Personal Brain Fitness Report, which relates their results and suggests specific actions (physical activities, lifestyle changes, nutritional corrections, etc.) that will help them reach their personal brain fitness objectives.

NeoCORTA’s assessment and analytical procedures utilize scientific findings from more than 200 major studies, including extensive data from the NIH Healthy Brain Project. NeoCORTA’s instruments were designed by Dr. Jay Chyung, who earned his MD and PhD in Neurobiology from Harvard Medical School and has led research on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and mood disorders.

The NeoCORTA Check-up is a questionnaire that users can complete privately at their own pace. This typically takes fewer than 45 minutes, after which each person’s data is analyzed to produce a unique, detailed report for each individual. NeoCORTA evaluates 9 direct measures of cognition and emotion that indicate current brain fitness status, plus 23 key influencers that can cause changes in brain fitness over time. Included are:

  • Key Measures of Cognition. Cognition involves processing, coordinating, strategizing, and responding to information. It includes critical brain functions such as the ability to remember, pay attention, and make decisions. NeoCORTA measures cognition in 4 main areas: Memory, Attention, Processing Speed, and Executive Function.
  • Key Measures of Emotion. Emotional well-being allows one to calmly handle day-to-day challenges, maintain a positive outlook, adapt to change, and understand and care for others. NeoCORTA measures emotion in 5 areas: Anxiety, Stress, Mood, Emotional Control, and Emotional Recognition.
  • Key Influencers of Brain Fitness. NeoCORTA measures 23 variables in 4 domains that can affect long-term brain fitness: Lifestyle and Behaviors (physical activity, diet, etc.); Psychosocial Factors (social support, optimism versus negativism, etc.); Medical Status (cardiovascular health, medications, etc.); and Functional Status (sleep patterns, hearing, etc.).
  • SFA president Janie Clark says, "With NeoCORTA, senior fitness professionals can help clients appraise their brain fitness status, anticipate potential changes, and personalize a practical action plan. It’s easy, economical, and science-based. Whether you manage a large facility or operate a one-trainer business, this presents an excellent opportunity to expand your professional services and better serve your older adult fitness clients."


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