“Low-load high volume resistance exercise” may be an effective muscle builder

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

The results of a small initial study suggest that “low-load high volume resistance exercise” can equal or exceed the muscle building effect of high-load low volume exercise. This could be good news for older exercisers who may be more confident following this less weight, more repetitions format. The study, conducted at Canada’s McMaster University, utilized “30% maximal voluntary contraction” for low-load exercise and 90% for high-load. The study’s authors recommend additional research to further validate their findings and to help determine if load volumes less than 30% could also be effective. Please click here to view the study or below to see a report from CNN.



One Response to “Low-load high volume resistance exercise” may be an effective muscle builder

  1. mariatadd says:

    I think it is an interesting study which certainly deserves greater investigation. From personal experience, I have found that I am less likely to injure myself if I use lighter weights and do more reps. Over time one can always add weight, but I do believe that lighter weights is a better strategy for seniors. Weight training is only one component of a healthy life style for seniors. Doing exercises such as tai chi, yoga or Pilates can help maintain balance. Also adding an aerobic component is important. Of course, not exercise program should be started until it had been approved by one’s physician. You can learn more about aging well at http://www.agingathome.info. My book, Happiness Is Growing Old at Home looks at aging through a holistic lens.