August 18th, 2010

Table of Contents:

New From SFA (An informative, free service)

Congratulations, Grads (Industry news)

Starring YOUR Senior Fitness Clients (In AARP The Magazine!)

Overcoming Lack of Sleep (Successful aging)

Solutions in the Senior Living Industry (Wellness, meaning, and purpose)

Parting Thoughts (Reflections)

New From SFA

by American Senior Fitness Association

The American Senior Fitness Association (SFA) is pleased to present our new
"In the News," feature for those interested in more timely older adult health, fitness, and quality of life information. Our "In the News" articles, which are also available on Facebook, feature older adult fitness and health information for your own use or to share with your fitness clients. These articles will be archived under the "Senior Fitness News" topic.


Congratulations, Grads

by American Senior Fitness Association

Get ready, California! Here comes a terrific new group of fitness professionals who are especially trained to serve frail older adults with special needs. The American Senior Fitness Association (SFA) partnered with SFA lead-instructor Betsy Best-Martini to conduct the specialized educational program, which included both extensive classroom and practical instruction. Also consulting was another accomplished and highly experienced SFA professional, Kim Botenhagen Jones. The group of 14 students completed their course work in Fairfax, California on May 27, 2010. The happy graduates are pictured here with Betsy at center front.


Starring YOUR Senior Fitness Clients

by American Senior Fitness Association

SFA recently received an exciting message from Alexis Gutter, editorial assistant at AARP The Magazine:

"We have an ongoing section called ‘Imagine If’ that features seniors fulfilling dreams. This could be anything from jumping out of a plane to taking karate classes to white water rafting."

Ms. Gutter asked us to spread the word among our membership to encourage people to tell the magazine what they’re up to. Interested seniors who are fulfilling long-time dreams and would like to be photographed in the magazine while doing so should let the editors know at



Overcoming Lack of Sleep

by American Senior Fitness Association

SFA author Jim Evans is a 42-year veteran of the health and fitness industry and an internationally recognized senior fitness consultant. Today Jim offers some healthy advice for getting sufficient, good quality sleep.

DEAR JIM: For the past several years I’ve been tossing and turning all night and can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. Worse, when I look in the mirror I can’t believe how old I look. I realize that at 74 I’m not a "spring chicken" anymore, but my age seems to be accelerating. I eat a well balanced diet and try to stay physically active, but I just can’t sleep as soundly as I used to and I’m tired all the time. Any suggestions? SLEEPY IN SANTA CRUZ

DEAR SLEEPY: For starters I would recommend a complete physical examination to see if there are any underlying medical issues that might be causing your sleeplessness. A lack of sleep can have numerous undesirable side effects.

Research indicates that the consistent lack of a good night’s sleep can negatively impact your ability to handle stress, compromise your health, increase motor and neurological deterioration, hasten the aging process, and ultimately shorten your life. You might have been able to tolerate less sleep when you were younger without any immediately noticeable side effects but not so when you are older.

"We’re beginning to identify some of the underlying mechanisms that may help explain why organisms age," said Natraj Krishnan (, a research associate in the Oregon State University Department of Zoology. He noted that "… young individuals may be able to handle certain stresses, but the same insults at an older age cause genetic damage and appear to lead to health problems and earlier death. And it’s linked to biological clocks."

If your physical doesn’t turn up anything unusual, try some of the traditional methods of improving your sleep such as curtailing physical activity before you go to bed, avoiding caffeine for several hours before bedtime, and not going to bed hungry (but don’t eat too much late at night either). And, no, a warm glass of milk before you go to bed may not help you sleep despite what your grandmother used to tell you, but if you think it does, go for it. Most of us already know that drinking too much fluid before bedtime is usually asking for trouble, so go easy on beverages of any kind.

Your room temperature can make a big difference in how you sleep, too, so turn off the heat at night (or at least turn it down if you live in a colder climate) and snuggle under the covers. You might even try reading in bed to help you wind down from the day’s activities.

There are also other ways to improve your sleep habits, but definitely start with the physical check-up to rule out any medical issues. The important thing is to get to the source of the problem so that you can start looking — and feeling — more refreshed in the morning.


Solutions in the Senior Living Industry

by American Senior Fitness Association

SFA National Advisory Board member Jan Montague is doing something constructive about concerns related to the retirement living industry. Regular readers will recall Jan’s high-energy Experience! series on promoting whole-person wellness among older adults. Indeed, she has long been a major voice in shaping the national dialogue on how to improve senior citizens’ quality of life. Below are press release excerpts detailing Jan’s involvement and that of her colleagues in a groundbreaking new initiative:

CINCINNATI — Life Enriching Communities, Inc. (LEC) has announced the launch of a new business venture, Whole Person Wellness Solutions, Inc. (WPWS). WPWS will provide consulting, development, and management services to the senior living and older adult services industries nationwide.

During the past decade, LEC has become a recognized leader of whole-person wellness in the senior living industry. By incorporating both an internal and external approach, LEC has provided the necessary leadership and best practice models to advance a whole-person wellness approach to optimal aging.

"This is a great opportunity to further advance whole-person wellness across the landscape of senior living," says Scott McQuinn, LEC president and CEO. "Older adults, now and in the future, expect a lifestyle with meaning and purpose." In addition to consulting services, WPWS will offer leadership training, professional education programs, product development, and research opportunities for the advancement of whole-person wellness.

Jan Montague, a national expert in the whole-person wellness movement, has joined the LEC team to assist with the design, development, and implementation of Whole Person Wellness Solutions, Inc. In her previous business Jan consulted with hundreds of senior living and senior service organizations, hospitals, health clubs, fitness equipment companies, physical therapy groups, architectural firms, and universities in developing wellness environments, cultures, and programs that truly serve the whole person.

"It seems as if everyone I have met at Life Enriching Communities is interested in the advancement of whole-person wellness for all the right reasons," says Ms. Montague. "Because this openness and desire for optimum health is already in place, I am pleased and excited to join the LEC team. It’s an outstanding opportunity to work closely with a group of people motivated to develop optimum whole-person wellness."

Ms. Montague, who is the president of WPWS, received the Professional Achievement Award from Northern Kentucky University in 1997. She received the Cottrell Distinguished Alumni Award from the Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 2007. Jan serves on several national and international advisory boards and has authored numerous articles for professional journals focusing on whole-person wellness and optimal aging.

Joining Ms. Montague in the development of WPWS is Monica Smith, the executive director of Twin Lakes. Ms. Smith began her career with LEC as the director of wellness for Twin Towers and Twin Lakes nearly ten years ago. She has enjoyed this role and has played a huge part in creating a culture of whole-person wellness for LEC.

Ms. Smith is very passionate about developing cultures based in whole-person wellness. She has worked with Jan Montague for several years in a variety of capacities. Ms. Smith says, "The philosophy of whole-person wellness touches me personally. I am thrilled to have this opportunity. I am excited and looking forward to working with Jan in the development of Whole Person Wellness Solutions, Inc."

Whole Person Wellness Solutions, Inc. is located at 3051 Arborcreek Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. For information, email

Life Enriching Communities, Inc. includes the senior living communities of Twin Towers and Twin Lakes and the LEC Foundation. The communities offer accommodations and services for independent lifestyles, assisted living, and short/long term nursing services. LEC, affiliated with the West Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church, welcomes people of all faiths.


Parting Thoughts

by American Senior Fitness Association

These poignant quotations complement themes addressed above in today’s newsletter:

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."
– Chinese proverb

"Make your optimism come true!"
– Author unknown

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book."
– Irish proverb

"The I in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are we."
– Author unknown; quoted in Mimi Guarneri, The Heart Speaks: A Cardiologist Reveals the Secret Language of Healing

"Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well … and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man."
– James H. West

"Know, then, whatever cheerful and serene
Supports the mind supports the body too."
– John Armstrong