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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 by American Senior Fitness Association   View This Issue of Experience!

Don’t miss out on this economical opportunity to further professionalize your senior fitness skills and services. Call 888-689-6791 to take advantage of special savings on SFA’s Brain Fitness for Older Adults professional education program during our back-to-school event ending September 17, 2010. SFA office hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm ET weekdays. To order on-line click on Special Savings. Be sure to sign in to receive your member discounts.

Here’s what recent graduates of the course are saying about SFA’s Brain Fitness for Older Adults professional education program:

  • "Lots of new information about keeping old brains young." -David, Georgia
  • "It was very thorough, clear and easy to follow the course outline. All aspects and materials included in the course were pertinent ‘knowledge-wise’ and of value ‘practice-wise’ … I REALLY enjoyed and appreciated what I learned (very positive and uplifting)." -Marie, Canada
  • "I liked how in-depth the information was … very specific, maybe too advanced for some." -Jeff, Connecticut
  • "Many thanks for a wonderful course. The valuable information was clear, straightforward and in language I could understand — precise without being lofty. I currently teach yoga and tai chi, mainly to seniors. This course will enhance my own life and those of my students greatly. Thank you so much!" -Dixie, Georgia
  • "This course has brought a great deal of excitement to our program. Thanks!" -Mark, Texas
  • "This course started my interest in neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, and social intelligence plus play! I now have a library …" -Patricia, Florida
  • "The fact that I can implement cognitive and physical activities at once — this awareness is a lot more than I could ask for. Thanks." -Sandra, California
  • "Very enlightening and helpful to learn more about how the brain functions and what we can do to improve our cognitive fitness … Very glad I did this course. Thank you." -Diane, United Kingdom
  • "What I liked most was the review of brain anatomy and the multitude of suggested ideas for incorporating cognitive fitness." -Jeanne, Kansas
  • "I found it very informative. I liked the suggestions for incorporating brain fitness into exercise routines. Some of the content is very scientific …" -Debra, Florida
  • "Excellent, current information, easy to follow directions, excellent DVDs, great stress management strategies …" -Hanne, Canada
  • "I like the suggestions for activities and the explanations about the various functions of the brain." -Mary, Pennsylvania
  • "Easy to follow." -Sonia, Virginia
  • "I liked the clear way of explaining everything." -Erika, Florida
  • "I enjoyed the knowledge on how the brain works and how to improve — or that we have the ability to improve …" -Monique, California
  • "I like the combination of theoretical basics of the functioning of the brain as well as the wealth of practical applications to keep the brain fit …" -Dawn, Canada
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