Keep Stress at Bay During the Holidays

Monday, December 20th, 2010 by American Senior Fitness Association   View This Issue of Experience!

Although this time of year should mean relaxing with friends and family, sometimes the season has a way of turning hectic — and nerves can get frazzled. In fact, all year through nearly four out of ten Americans report feeling stressed out frequently, according to a recent Gallup poll. Another 39 percent say they are sometimes stressed.

To find ways to relieve all this stress, the Pulse wire service consulted stress expert Dr. Erin Olivo, who provided these helpful relaxation ideas:

  • Choosing the right lighting and music can help to create a soothing atmosphere that eases tension. But don’t forget another essential ingredient for encouraging a peaceful environment: pleasing aromas!
  • Try a little hand reflexology: Gently massage the inside of your right palm, using your left thumb in a circular motion. Then massage the other palm.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh! Dr. Olivo says it releases endorphins and other healthful hormones, lowers blood pressure, and increases the blood’s oxygen levels.

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