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Get Your Voice On!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 by American Senior Fitness Association   View This Issue of Experience!

American Senior Fitness Association (SFA) fitness professional Kim Vickers, MA, ACC, has developed a unique music and vocalization program for seniors called Voc-Aerobics (TM). Kim holds her master’s degree in gerontology and teaches fitness to older adults in Northern California.

This product, designed to increase communication abilities, provides a manual and an accompanying CD. The 71-page manual contains 10 lesson plans which include physical exercises, deep breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, vocalization exercises, five sing-along songs with all the lyrics, as well as an enjoyable conclusion to each lesson. Each plan begins by establishing its goals, for example, to gain better control over vocal function, to improve enunciation, and/or to feel more confident while speaking. Notes are provided to help the "non-musical person" lead the program, and the CD demonstrates the 10 vocal warm-up exercises.

Voc-Aerobics (TM) will be especially appreciated by activity coordinators, music therapists and recreational therapists who work primarily with elderly and disabled persons. Ideal for small to medium groups of seniors living in long-term care communities, the program is also suitable for individuals living at home. In the manual’s introduction, Kim writes: "Specifically, in its design this program is intended to help seniors and disabled people who have difficulty with self-expression for any number of reasons, including dementia, heart and lung disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and any of the myriad issues that can interfere with one’s ability to communicate with others."

Kim Vickers’ approach is likely to result in smiles and laughter among elderly Voc-Aerobics (TM) participants. SFA president Janie Clark describes the program as "both creative and practical, a winning combination." For price and ordering information, email