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Renewing Your SFA
Advanced Qualification Certificate


The American Senior Fitness Association strives to promote excellence in the field of older adult fitness programming through valid SFA Advanced Qualification, practicable SFA continuing education studies, and carefully approved courses available through SFA-recognized continuing education providers.

All continuing education credit applied toward the renewal of SFA qualifications should clearly relate to older adult fitness management and must adhere to the guidelines shown below. 

SFA will award continuing education credit for the following types of educational experience:

  • Fitness Conferences. Many organizations, including the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), IDEA Fitness,  IHRSA and others offer national and regional conferences that include numerous fitness programming workshops. Many of these conferences will meet your total 2.0 CEC (20 contact hour) requirement.
  • Fitness Seminars:  Several organizations including the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the Cooper Institute, Exercise Etc. Inc., SCW Fitness Education , World Instructor Training Schools and FiTOUR conduct live workshops on a wide range of applicable fitness topics.
  • Correspondence and On-line Courses: Approved correspondence and online course providers include Desert Southwest Fitness (DSW offers a large number of courses from numerous sources), Educational Fitness Solutions, Human Kinetics education programs, GMP Fitness and many others. Generally, any educational program that has been approved by one or more of the following organizations will be accepted: American Senior Fitness Association (SFA), American Council on Exercise (ACE), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).
  • College and University Courses: Health-related courses which clearly apply to older adult fitness management and Sociological courses that add to your understanding of older adults can be counted toward SFA certification renewal. Activity-based physical education courses (such as golf or tennis) will not count. A petition process is available to apply for college-earned credit. SFA reserves the right to then award or deny credit as deemed appropriate by the association.
  • Case Studies and Book Reports: With prior approval, case studies documenting special fitness programming for older adults that you have researched and developed as well as book reports on responsible publications relating to senior health and fitness issues will be accepted for continuing education credit. Book reports and case studies should be submitted in a standard academic format.
  • SFA Programs: Completing an additional American Senior Fitness Association "Certificate of Completion" or "Full Certification" program will  fulfill your CEC requirements for renewal.

In summary, SFA accepts a wide variety of continuing education. When selecting a continuing education course, choose programs that will directly benefit you as a fitness professional and your older adult fitness clients.

Before enrolling in any non-SFA continuing education course not listed above, ask the provider if his or her program has been approved by the American Senior Fitness Association. If it has not and you wish to earn credit for attending, please contact SFA for clarification. You may need to complete a petition process. No guarantee is made that credit will then be awarded. You are always welcome to call the American Senior Fitness Association to confirm whether a program advertised as SFA-approved is indeed recognized by the association.




SFA offers certificate of completion and Advanced Qualification programs in three specialty training tracts

Senior Fitness Instructor

You can specialize in group exercise classes, low impact aerobic dance, seated aerobics, stretching, resistance band workouts, exercising with hand-held weights, and other forms of strength conditioning. Lead dynamic walking programs and matchless swimming pool classes! Explore the lively science of movement-to-music programming.

Senior Personal Trainer

Work with clients one-on-one and in optimal small-group settings. We emphasize functional fitness training and assessments, expert strength training, individualized aerobic and flexibility prescriptions, senior sports conditioning, post-rehab training, and total wellness counseling. SFA empowers you to operate your own business with flexible hours and unlimited earning potential.

Long Term Care Fitness Leader

You can share health and hope with frail elderly and disabled older adults in nursing homes, adult day-care centers, and assisted living environments. Learn how to work productively with regard to stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and other serious medical concerns. Lead model chair-seated exercise classes, wheelchair sports, and mental fitness activities. Learn strategies for fighting depression, enhancing self-esteem, increasing functional independence, and improving quality of life.

SFA credentials are nationally recognized as a mark of professional excellence.