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Special Note: Conductorcise provides very simple, easy-to-follow, beginner-level workouts. Active, fit participants therefore may not experience them as sufficiently stimulating and challenging. However, many light-intensity participants acclaim them as both delightful and highly beneficial.



From Maestro David Dworkin

Since CONDUCTORCISE launched in 2002, it has captured the attention of music lovers, healthcare professionals, fitness fanatics, seniors, and children far and wide. Maestro David Dworkin's travels have taken him across America, working with groups from 10 to as many as 10,000 (at Central Park's Healthy Halloween and for the American Heart Association), in this exciting fitness fusion that The New Orleans Times-Picayune hails as "a symphony performance, music history lesson and aerobics workout all rolled into one."

The newly-popular workout has come to communities from coast to coast, and a three-volume set of DVDs now brings Conductorcise
right into your home! They can be purchased together or individually on the CONDUCTORCISE
Web site (www.conductorcise.com), where you can also send the Maestro a note, or from Amazon.com or Netflix.com.

As Symphony magazine recently noted, "Conductor David
Dworkin is getting people young and old moving to classical music. Conductorcise has been taught to youngsters and oldsters around the country and is proven a popular hit for senior centers." Dworkin's impact on seniors has been stunning. He has worked extensively with both healthy and in-need seniors at elder care and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and assisted living and nursing facilities, including the Northern Metropolitan Day Care Center in Monsey, NY, the Westchester (NY) Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ, the Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstraw, NY, and many others nationally. Some of his participants are completely unable to walk and use wheelchairs or walkers. The program has "added years to these people's lives," according to one physician at a center where Dworkin recently taught. Some have Alzheimers and are brought back to life with the program, and another group he has worked with are the mentally challenged. The response was strong, and participants began to exercise or spontaneously sing to the melodies that make their bodies move.

These dynamic classes have opened doors to hundreds of average people who may not ordinarily exercise or may be looking for something completely different. They get their bodies moving, learn about other ways to communicate, both physically and verbally, and reap the benefits of exercise, including increasing circulation, stretching muscles and raising heart rates in a very low impact program. And beyond all of this is the music, which Maestro Dworkin brings fully alive with his unique and colorful insights.

Whether you participate in Conductorcise
for the mental or physical health benefits or for just plain fun, this program that The New York Times calls" a blend of workout session and music education class, where the only props are batons, and the sounds of panting and piccolos mingle together" is sure to enliven your exercise routine and enhance your enjoyment of some of the world's greatest music. Conductorcise soon hits the road again with a West Coast tour and other events around the U.S -- including, perhaps in a community near you. Visit the Web site for additional details.

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