The American Senior Fitness Association (SFA) began publication of Experience! (initially called Round-Up) on July 5, 2005. Our concept was to provide timely information that would be of interest to older adult fitness leaders and that they could share with their fitness program participants. Since that time we have published over 60 issues featuring nearly 400 articles. Now you and your older adult fitness clients can access all of them. Below you'll find a link to our current issue followed by a searchable index with links to each issue and every article.

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January 16, 2008              

Table of Contents

  • Come Sit for a Spell (Introduction to special issue)
  • Progressing from Seated Exercise (Training approaches)

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 16 JAN 2008 Special Issue on Progressing from Seated Exercise

  • Come Sit for a Spell (Introduction to special issue)
  • Progressing from Seated Exercise (Training approaches)  

03 JAN 2008  

  • Happy New Year (Get off to a good start)
  • Resolving to Keep Those New Year's Resolutions (You can do it)
  • Staying Fit Through the Ages (Motivation to be your best)
  • A Thought for the New Year (Out with the old, in with the new!)  1

4 DEC 2007  

  • Healthy Hints for the Holidays (During tree-trimming season, stay trim yourself!)
  • Considering Your New Year's Resolutions? (Good news for nicotine quitters)
  • Walk the Walk (A new exercise resource)
  • Salty Language (Quick tip for reducing dietary sodium)
  • Keep Stress at Bay During the Holidays (Easy relaxation techniques)
  • Quotation Corner (Some positive messages at year's end)  

03 DEC 2007 Special Issue on Addressing Health Concerns

  • How Senior Fitness Trainers Work their Magic (Introduction to special issue)
  • Training the Client with Multiple Health Concerns (Two professionals confer)
  • Professional Education (Year end savings)  

26 NOV 2007  

  • A Very Special Issue (Today's extra mailing is for members only)
  • Only 4 Shopping Days Left (That is, for these holiday treats!)  

16 NOV 2007  

  • Exercise Motivation 101 (Advice from an experienced program provider)
  • Motivational Considerations Worth Emphasizing (Senior fitness participation)  

02 NOV 2007  

  • Be a Dear (Help our adopted nursing home patients)
  • Walking as an Aerobic Exercise (Smart tips for seniors)  

18 OCT 2007 Special Issue on Sign Language

  • Sign Language as Part of a Senior Exercise Program (Introduction to special issue)
  • Some Background on Signing (A cognitive and physical activity)
  • Get Ready (Preparing to incorporate sign language into fitness class)
  • Teach! (How to instruct simple sign language techniques)
  • Additional Considerations (Arthritis and more)
  • Where to Go from Here (Resources)  

02 OCT 2007  

  • Somebody's in Trouble (A missed anniversary!)
  • Putting Wit to Work (Creativity pays off for exercise instructor and clients)
  • Personal Training Plus (Happy trails for fitness clients with disabilities)
  • Keeping Things Cool (Winter sports training for seniors)
  • Share With a Friend and Save on SFA Programs (Fitness industry news)  

19 SEP 2007  

  • Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living: Part Five (Nurture a wellness state of mind)
  • Hey, Watch Your Mouth! (Dental care)  

03 SEP 2007  

  • Attention SFA Members: (New Contact Information)
  • Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living: Part Four (Research supports "cheating" the aging process)
  • Arf! Meow! Let's Be Healthy (Pets' links to a sound body and mind)
  • When You Need to Calm Down (Three effective self-soothing strategies)  

17 AUG 2007  

  • Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living: Part Three (The six dimensions of wellness)
  • Coffee, Exercise, and Your Skin (Medical science)
  • What a Dish! (Weight loss study)
  • Country Living (Senior fitness research)
  • Some Things Never Change (Humor)  

01 AUG 2007  

  • Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living: Part Two (Shifting attitudes on senior health)
  • Study Tells Us What We Already Suspected (Obesity research)
  • Want to Be a TV Star? (Weight loss program)
  • Every Life Unique (A wonderful idea for long term care workers)
  • News that Does the Heart Good (AHA exercise update)
  • A Military Man on the Topic of Aging (Reflection)  

16 JUL 2007  

  • Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living (Insights from our special guest author)
  • Decrease in Mammogram Rate (U.S. health officials troubled)
  • Ah-Choo! (Myth bustin' during the allergy season)
  • Sex, Race, and Muscle Power (Senior fitness research)
  • Double the Pleasure (Humor)  

01 JUL 2007  

  • Attention Golfers (This shoulder exercise is par excellence)
  • Chill! (Relaxation technique from Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Exercise and Parkinson's Disease (Staying active helps manage symptoms)
  • Want to Lose Weight? (Eat the right foods)
  • Senior Fitness Pros Are Onto Something Big (Industry news)
  • Illnessitis (Humor)
  • Profit From Another's Mistake (But only the first 50 will gain)  

JUN 2007 Special Foundation Adoption Issue

  • Home for the Incurables (Introduction to special issue)
  • The Cause (SFA members, let's rally together)
  • Your Coordinator (Serving the Big Easy's elderly)
  • Your Mascot (Getting by with a little help from his friends)
  • We Can Do It, SFA! (Please help)  

18 JUN 2007  

  • Give Muscles What They Need (Senior strength study)
  • Speaking of Older Adults and Their Muscles... (Fitness industry news)
  • Weight Training for Breast Cancer Survivors (Enhancing quality of life)
  • Alzheimer's Disease Projections (Health trend)
  • Help Us Out, Researchers (How to improve older adult fitness studies)
  • Got Fiber? (Nutrition tip)
  • How Old Are You? (Reflection)  

01 JUN 2007  

  • Jambalaya Dreamin' (Bonus issue coming your way!)
  • Chronic Fatigue Basics (Health management)
  • Exercise and Length of Hospital Stays (Senior fitness research)
  • The Heart Profilers (An excellent online resource)
  • Watch Your Weight (Blood pressure study)
  • Keeping a Positive Attitude (Mental fitness)
  • Don't Get Stuck in the Boring Salad Rut! (Easy recipe idea)  

16 MAY 2007  

  • Ankle Care (Try these stabilizing exercises)
  • Another Reason to "Sleep On It" (Memory fitness)
  • Whole-Person Wellness for Seniors (A model program)
  • Occupational Therapy for Dementia Patients (Research)
  • More Help for Dementia Patients and Caregivers (Research)
  • International Internship Sought (Industry news)
  • Strength of Spirit (Reflection)
  • Attention Group Fitness Instructors (Short-term opportunity)
  • The Cat from "Kat" Tugs at SFA's Heartstrings (Check this out!)  

01 MAY 2007  

  • A Special Food Pyramid for Older Adults (Nutrition resource)
  • Preventing Falls (Try this creative balance-training activity)
  • Beating Arthritis (Senior fitness study)
  • Dental Care News (Healthy aging)
  • A Complicated Issue (Women, anger, and heart disease)
  • Asthma and Aspirin (Medical research)
  • Live and Learn (Words of wisdom)  

17 APR 2007 Special Issue on Elder Topics

  • Elder Topics (Introduction to special issue)
  • An Exercise That's Good for Everyone (Age not a factor!)
  • "Dowager's Hump" (Exercise for osteoporosis)
  • When the Crisis Is Over (Caregivers' trauma may go on)
  • Self-Care for Caregivers (Stress management)
  • Brain-Oxygen and Alzheimer's Disease (Research)
  • Attention Caregivers and Fitness Leaders (Exercise-guide bargains)  

02 APR 2007 Special Issue on Sinus Sufferers

  • Sinus Problems (Introduction to special issue)
  • A Novel Approach to Relief (Classic sinusitis research)
  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas (Fight back against sinus attacks)
  • Attention Fitness Professionals (Exercise for sinus-challenged clients)
  • Inspiration (Pun intended)  

15 MAR 2007  

  • Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes (Fitness study)
  • Barnyard Friends (Not your typical companion pets!)
  • Men and Bone Fracture (Osteoporosis research)
  • Chew on This (Unexpected nutrition finding)
  • Large Girth Predicts Lung Dysfunction (Respiratory health)
  • Cup o' Joe (Reducing post-workout soreness)
  • Myth Bustin' (Tale of the gray hair)
  • Attention Personal Trainers (Your turn to save)  

02 MAR 2007  

  • Beat Dehydration (Healthy aging)
  • Navigating the Cold Season (Timely tips)
  • Age and Forgetfulness (University of Florida study)
  • Help for Osteoporosis (Potential medical breakthrough)
  • Smart Ideas to Reverse a Sad Trend (New statistics on falling)
  • More on Fall Prevention (Try this terrific balance exercise)
  • Exercise Thumps Depression (Senior fitness research)
  • Window of Opportunity (One week only!)  

16 FEB 2007  

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... (Sleep study)
  • Does Exercise Cause Knee Arthritis? (Medical research)
  • A Troubling Trend (The Health ABC Study)
  • Loneliness Associated with Dementia (Psychiatric findings)
  • Mobility Limitations and Exercise (Senior fitness research)
  • Swinging a Racket or a Club (Humor)  

02 FEB 2007 Special Issue on Living and Loving

  • Live and Love (Introduction to special issue)
  • Ten Tips to Spice Up Your Life (Heart-healthy nutrition)
  • Diabetes' Link to Heart Disease in Older Adults (Medical research)
  • Take Heart (A study finds it's never too late to boost health)
  • From the SFA Archives (Marriage dynamics affect healing)
  • For Everything a Season (Happy Valentine's Day)  

16 JAN 2007 Special Issue on Brain Health

  • Keeping Our Wits About Us! (Introduction to brainy special issue)
  • How's Your Brain Health? (Free cognition testing)
  • Body Exercise for Mental Fitness (Smart aging)
  • A 10-Step Healthy Brain Plan (Stay sharp in 2007)
  • Mental Exercises (How to discourage dementia)
  • Get Certified in 2007 (Intellectual stimulation for SFA members only)  

02 JAN 2007  

  • Scott "Old Navy" Hults: A Real Winner! (Inspiration for the New Year)
  • Healthful Eating in 2007 (Nutrition tips)
  • A Terrific Resolution: Let's Get Physical (The LIFE pilot study)
  • Our New Year's Reflection (A timely quote)  

15 DEC 2006  

  • A Holiday Treat That's Good for You? (The Johns Hopkins chocolate study)
  • Losing Height with Age (It may signal more than osteoporosis)
  • Famous Conductor Gets People Moving (Older adult exercise)
  • Selecting a Stationary Bicycle (Consumer assistance)
  • Coping with Aphasia (Help for patients and caregivers)
  • Enjoying a Variety of Activities (Senior fitness research)
  • The Definition of Old Age (humor)  

01 DEC 2006  

  • Steady Does It (Try this new balance exercise)
  • Getting a Long Winter's Nap (Older adults and insomnia)
  • Memory Fitness Is Tied to Physical Fitness (Neurological study)
  • Hope for Age-Related Hearing Loss (Medical technology meets music)
  • Seniors and the Common Cold (An exercise plan to beat it!)
  • Home for the Holidays (Food and family)
  • Employment Opportunity (Industry news)
  • Last Call! (SFA members only)  

17 NOV 2006  

  • Doctor, My Eyes... (Physical activity and macular degeneration)
  • Alcohol and Aging (Surprising research)
  • Hyper Work Hours and Hypertension (Blood pressure study)
  • After a Hip Fracture (Exercises that work)
  • Diet and Alzheimer's Disease (Nutrition breakthrough)
  • Waltzing With Heart (Cardiac rehab made fun)
  • Thanksgiving Attitude (Humor)
  • Season's Savings (Don't miss out!)  

01 NOV 2006  

  • Help for Exercise "Haters" (Motivational tips)
  • Avoiding Pressure Sores (Caregiver information)
  • Attention Cracker Snackers! (Healthy nibbling)
  • Qigong: A Nontraditional Exercise Option (Senior fitness research)
  • Hey, Turn it Down (Humor)  

16 OCT 2006  

  • A Gentle Reminder From SFA (Healthy aging)
  • Post Polio Syndrome (Guest author article)
  • A Tasty Autumn Appetizer (Wholesome snack recipe)
  • Research Corner (Exercise, knee pain, and surgery)
  • The Time of Your Life! (Humor)  

02 OCT 2006  

  • Get Out and About (Healthy aging research)
  • Keep Your Cool (Medical research)
  • Volunteer (Wellness research) Dance! (Fitness research)
  • Smile (A thought for the day)  

15 SEP 2006  

  • And the Winner Is . . . Dogs! (Pets and physical activity)
  • Exercise Adds Up (Fitness research)
  • Can't Hurt, Might Help (Nutrition news)
  • Go for It (Exercise and mild hypertension)
  • Don't Tread on Us (Employment loss and senior health)
  • The Sound of Music (Medical update)
  • Workout Savvy (Try these push-up variations)  

01 SEP 2006 Special Issue on Depression

  • Tackling a Serious Subject (Introduction to special issue)
  • Depression and Diabetes (Disease management)
  • Depression and Preventive Health Care (Duke University study)
  • Chicken or Egg? (Depression and body fat)
  • A Vicious Cycle of Mind and Body (Connecting the dots)
  • Depression and Cardiac Risk (Heart health)
  • The Power of Suggestion (Antidepressants)
  • Told You So (Exercise to the rescue)
  • Myth Bustin' (Stereotype debunked)
  • What, Me Worry? (Humor)  

15 AUG 2006  

  • Reducing Arthritis Pain (Exercise research)
  • Irritable Bowel Basics (Health facts)
  • Older Adults and Body Temperature (Study finding)
  • OUCH! (Leg cramp relief)
  • Overweight Men at Disadvantage (Medical news)
  • What Gives with the Silver Screen? (Humor)  

01 AUG 2006  

  • Attention SFA Members (Industry news)
  • Breathing Easier (Try these exercises)
  • Stress Management (Valuable resource link)
  • Senior Women Skipping Critical Test (Bone health)
  • Using Leisure Time Wisely (Senior fitness research)
  • Fall Prevention (Safety tips)
  • Sports and Aging (Humor)  

17 JUL 2006  

  • Exercise to Live Longer and Better (Senior fitness research)
  • CT Screening Study (Medical news)
  • Help for Tinnitus (Healthy aging)
  • A Study of Women Runners (Exercise physiology)
  • Aging and Mental Concentration (Cognitive function)
  • A Smart Treat (Summertime snacking)
  • Live, Learn, Grow (Musings)  

01 JUL 2006  

  • West Nile Virus and You (Disease prevention)
  • Older Adult Exercise Dropout (Fitness research)
  • Age Spots (Skin health)
  • Diabetes Finding (Cardiovascular physiology)
  • Best in Show (Therapy dogs)
  • Have You Heard About... (Inspiration)
  • As Young as You Feel (Reflection)  

15 JUN 2006  

  • "Myth" Gets Another Look (The common cold)
  • Good Timing (Smoking cessation)
  • Help for Cancer Patient Caregivers (Psychological wellness)
  • Blood Pressure Basics (Healthy aging)
  • Blood Pressure (Program management)  

01 JUN 2006 Special Issue on Medication

  • The Modern Medicine Cabinet (Introduction to special issue)
  • Medication Safety (Valuable resource link)
  • Drug Interactions (University of Florida study)
  • A Gentle Reminder From SFA (Sleep aids)
  • Certain Medications Can Affect Mental Sharpness (Research)
  • Anticoagulant Breakthrough (Technology)
  • Two Classes of Drugs May Have Added Value (Cardiology)
  • A Little Unsteady (Humor)  

15 MAY 2006  

  • Man's Best Friend (Fitness research)
  • Stronger Body, Better Memory (Senior strength training study)
  • Anger and Injury (Psychology)
  • Lesions in Brain Associated with Gait Problems (Medical research)
  • High-Normal Blood Pressure and Heart Disease (Cardiology)
  • Dieting Controversy (Weight loss)
  • Meditation and the Brain (Mental fitness)
  • Thanks, Kid (Humor)  

01 MAY 2006  

  • Attention Webmasters (Fitness industry news)
  • Exercise and Alzheimer's Disease: Big News (Medical research)
  • Carbs, Fats, and Body Weight (Nutrition)
  • Life Expectancy Data (Statistics)
  • Protect Your Stomach (Medication news)
  • Angina Basics (Health facts)
  • Overcoming Barriers to Exercise (Senior fitness research)
  • Colorful and Delicious (Easy recipe)  

17 APR 2006  

  • Hiking for Weight Loss (Exercise science)
  • Osteoarthritis: Sticking with Exercise (Review of the literature)
  • Good News (Gerontology)
  • Help for Dry Mouth (Health facts)
  • Attention Caregivers (Practical advice)
  • Making Major Decisions (Psychological research)  

01 APR 2006  

  • Tough Love (Diabetes resource)
  • High or Low Intensity? (Senior strength training study)
  • Arthritis: Exercise Counters Functional Decline (Medical research)
  • Parkinson's Disease: Hopeful New Trials (Gene therapy research)
  • I Think, Therefore I Am (Fascinating health facts)
  • Steadiness and Functional Performance (Functional fitness research)
  • Exercise and Wound Healing (Exercise science)
  • Let's Hear It for the Arts (Successful aging research)  

15 MAR 2006 Special Issue on Nutrition

  • Food for Thought (Introduction to special issue)
  • Food Programs for the Elderly (On the national news front)
  • Under-Nutrition in Community-Dwelling Seniors (Diet and aging)
  • Anemia and Falls (Geriatric research)
  • Upsetting the Apple Cart (Nutrition research)
  • Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements (Nutrition research)
  • Staff of Life (Nutrition research)
  • American Heart Association Report (Diet and hypertension)
  • Lighter Fare (Wit)  

01 MAR 2006 (Round-Up)

  • A Rose By Any Other Name (Exercise industry news)
  • Needed: Better Education About Strength Training (Senior fitness research)
  • Penguins Rule (Fall prevention research)
  • Tea Drinkers' Edge (Nutrition research)
  • Smart Moves (Exercise safety)  

15 FEB 2006 (Round-Up)

  • Myth Bustin' (Safety fact)
  • Eliminating Potential Stumbling Blocks (Fall prevention)
  • Marital Harmony Advisable (Medical research)
  • From the SFA Archives (Classic fitness research)
  • More Good News for Exercisers (Update from the Harvard Alumni Study)
  • Salad Days (Diet tip)  

02 FEB 2006 (Round-Up)

  • Preventing Pneumonia (Research)
  • Painkiller Precautions (Medication safety)
  • Birds Do It (Exercise motivation)
  • Parkinson's Findings (Mayo Clinic report)
  • The Decision Process and Exercise (Research)
  • Tips for Soothing Varicose Veins (Successful aging)
  • A Gentle Reminder from SFA (Cold-weather wellness)  

16 JAN 2006 (Round-Up)

  • Exercise and Cognitive Health (Research)
  • Slashing the Fat (Nutrition)
  • Keep em Guessing (Humor)
  • Orange Plants Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis (Research)
  • Multiple Sclerosis Basics (Health notes)  

02 JAN 2006 (Round-Up)  

  • A New Approach for Overweight Women (Research)
  • Avoiding Asthma Attacks (Health notes)
  • Memory Aid (Successful aging)
  • Balance Tests Not Interchangeable (Research)
  • Which Nursing Home Is Best? (Elder care)
  • New Beginnings (Inspiration)
  • From the SFA Archives (Research)  

15 DEC 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Get Out the Measuring Tape (Medical news)
  • Don't Light My Fire (Safety tip)
  • Comparing the Physical Ability of Men and Women (Senior fitness research)
  • Words to Live By (Inspiration)
  • What's That You Said? (Successful aging)
  • A Treat for Me, Myself and I (Healthy snack recipe)  

01 DEC 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Hit the Road, Jack! (Fitness-friendly getaways)
  • Don't Forget to Floss (Dental hygiene)
  • Rural Challenge (Exercise research)
  • Coping With Hot Flashes (Successful aging)
  • Low Cerebral Blood Flow and Dementia (Medical research)
  • Make Some Mischief (Humor)
  • An Intergenerational Wellness Project (Emotional health)  

16 NOV 2005 (Round-Up)

  • The Holiday Season Cometh (Weight management)
  • Artery-Repair Cells Important (Medical research)
  • When Even a Little Walking Hurts (Health tip)
  • Got Protein? (Nutrition)
  • Be Kind to Your Skin (Healthy aging)
  • Aged to Perfection (Reflection)
  • Exercise and Rheumatoid Arthritis (Research)
  • Play It Safe in the Kitchen (Safety resource)  

01 NOV 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Senior Fitness Internship Program (Professional Development)
  • Everyday Activity Can Lower Blood Pressure (Research)
  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Go (Research)
  • Whip Up a Snack (Recipe)
  • Anti-Dizziness Precautions (Safety tip)
  • Exercise for Osteoarthritis of the Hip (Research)
  • A Law of Nature (Inspiration)
  • Pain Management and Exercise (Mayo Clinic report)  

15 OCT 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Zinc Link (Nutrition research)
  • Make No Bones About It (Medical research)
  • Avoiding Over-Medication (Wellness tip)
  • Neighborhood Walking Activity in Older Adults (Exercise research)
  • Well Said (Inspiration)
  • Blood Pressure Affects Both Length and Quality of Life (Medical news)
  • A Gentle Reminder from SFA (Health advice)
  • Endurance Training and Resting Heart Rate (Exercise science)  

01 OCT 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Type 2 Diabetes: The Case for Walking (Research)
  • Make It So! (Exercise psychology)
  • Testing the Tests: (Research)
  • Free Hot Line! (Diet resource)
  • Arrive Alive: (Safety tips)
  • Breast Cancer: Physical Activity Appears to Improve Survival (Research)
  • A Stellar Quote: (Inspiration)
  • Blood Pressure: Diet Makes a Difference (Nutrition research)  

15 SEP 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Hurricane Katrina (Long-term relief efforts)
  • Medication News Flash (Research)
  • Attention: Senior Fitness Professionals (Research)
  • When Time Is of the Essence (Psychology)
  • Of Mice and Men (Diet tip)
  • The Decisive Dozen (Health facts)
  • Older Adult Fitness Trends (Industry news)
  • Yoga Improves Sleep Patterns (Exercise science)  

01 SEP 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Indulge Your Wanderlust (Calling All Writers)
  • Congregate-Meal Sites and Exercise Promotion (Research)
  • Excuse Me, I Have to Go -- Right NOW! (Health News)
  • Lose Fat -- Not Bone Mass (Research)
  • Help for Painful Joints (Resource) Steam Scheme (Diet Tip)
  • Surgery or Exercise? (Research)
  • Don't Worry, Be Happy (Stress Management) F
  • rom the SFA Archives (Classic Research)  

15 AUG 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Diabetes: Factors that Increase Exercise Participation (Research)
  • Strong Bones for a Lifetime (Health Facts)
  • Sassy Substitute (Nutrition)
  • How Does Your Garden Grow? (Wellness Tip)
  • Evaluating Step-Aerobics for Seniors (Exercise Instruction)  

01 AUG 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Widespread Obesity Proving Costly (Research)
  • Possible Side Effect of Parkinson's Drug (Research)
  • "An Apple a Day" -- Still a Wise Proverb (Diet tip)
  • Tai Chi: An Effective Weapon Against Falls (Research)
  • Go Figure (Nutrition)
  • Studying the Studies (Research)
  • Think About It! (Inspiration)
  • Nutrition and Bone Health (Research)
  • Hip Care (Exercise Modifications)  1

5 JUL 2005 (Round-Up)

  • Finding the Right Balance (Research)
  • Splash News (Fitness Accessories)
  • A Handy Exercise (Exercise Tip)
  • Possible Micronutrient Deficiencies in Elderly Women (Research)
  • Shedding Light on Multiple Sclerosis (Information Source)
  • Wrap It Up (Diet Tip)
  • What Can We Learn From Older Athletes? (Research)
  • Featured Web Link (Information Source)


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