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  Dear Author:

Thank you for considering submitting an article to the American Senior Fitness Association. Our writer's guidelines are as follows:

  • We prefer that you submit material electronically to Or you may mail your submission to Attn: Editor, SFA, P.O. Box 2575, New Smyrna Beach FL 32170. (One copy of your submission is sufficient.)
  • No multiple submissions (works simultaneously offered to other publishers) are accepted.
  • Normally you will receive an answer within two months of submission as to whether or not your article has been accepted for publication.
  • Include a short bio for publication purposes. This should not exceed 2-3 sentences.
  • Include a longer bio of verifiable information in order to further establish your qualifications to write on your selected topic.
  • After SFA publication, you may reprint your material so long as credit is ascribed to SFA for the initial publication. Always include this credit line: Reprinted by permission of the American Senior Fitness Association (SFA).
  • Include sourcing, using the references you have relied upon from your review of the literature; experts you have interviewed or are quoting or paraphrasing; textbooks; trade magazine articles; organizations or associations; or any previously published work from which your content is in part derived. SFA observes very strict standards in regard to plagiarism and/or copyright infringement.
  • It is fine to include knowledge gained through your own professional work experiences but that, too, needs to be supported by credible, objective reference material affirming the theory and practice involved.
  • Include details, for example: If you recommend a specific exercise or technique, provide how-to instructions for conducting and/or performing it correctly. If you use a technical term, provide its definition. Supply examples as needed to make your article clear and to permit the successful practical application of your ideas.
  • Include any other information regarding your topic that you feel would be useful to health-fitness professionals, to older adult individuals themselves, or to their caregivers and loved ones.
  • As needed, we edit for space, clarity, factual accuracy, emphasis, necessary qualification, vocabulary, sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., without materially changing original intent or content.
  • While SFA doesn't pay for articles, we find that our authors value writing for a large international audience in a professionally respected publishing venue. SFA is presently, and has been for some time, number one for senior fitness worldwide on Google and other content-based search engines. Also, when authors are senior health-fitness professionals, the facilities that employ them often value having their programs, trainers, and client success stories featured.
  • We often publish relatively short, reader-friendly pieces in our Experience! e-newsletter, because its subscribers include both professional and lay readers. We normally post technical articles on our popular website and provide a description of the article in our Experience! newsletter along with a recommended reading link. Articles of varying lengths can eventually wind up making their way into SFA paper publications as well.
  • We do not set any length restrictions. We find that we get writers' best work by allowing anything from one page to many pages.
  • Of course, including photos with any article always increases readership. Forward to us signed and dated one-sentence statements from those pictured giving SFA permission to publish their images. You may also wish to include a head-shot of yourself.

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for us, and have a great day.


American Senior Fitness Association


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SFA offers senior specific fitness education in three specialty training tracts

Senior Fitness Instructor

Senior Personal Trainer

Long Term Care Fitness Leader

The SFA credentials that you will earn are nationally recognized as a mark of professional excellence.




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