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Senior Fitness Instructor
Here's what recent participants are saying about the program:

  • "Best fitness course I've ever taken. I feel the content is very trustworthy. Thank you! What I liked most about the course is how carefully laid out it is. Each section is presented in a way that enables a new instructor to confidently plan a class designed for the older population that is engaging, fun and also safe. The course was very thorough. I really liked the fact that specific medical conditions and medications were included. I also really liked the diet and nutrition portion. All aspects are interconnected. The course provides a solid understanding of senior fitness programming. It is wonderful! Thank you!"

-- Jayne B., Vermont

  • "The information for older adults is very informative and most helpful. Keep up the good work for us seniors so we can live to a ripe ol' age -- healthy!"

-- Kaye H., Maine

  • "I have been teaching fitness for more than 25 years. I have several certifications. But I learned much more than I anticipated. This is a tough but very good course. I liked learning the specific differences in safety when teaching older adults versus younger populations. I also liked that more credit was given to the abilities of older adults when it comes to participating in fitness activities. I have taught group fitness for 25 years but, until recently, not classes specific for older adults. I am always careful and monitor my classes closely. But I am far more knowledgeable about both safety and effectiveness now."

-- Grace W., Maryland

  • "I liked that it worked well with my schedule. I could take it on my own time. With work and other commitments, that was great. The content flowed well and followed the sample questions, making it easier to learn and retain information. THANK YOU! Everything was user-friendly. I like the way this program is put together."

-- Dana H., Colorado

  • "Very informative. Pictures of the exercises were excellent. Lots of information to use as an instructor as well as a senior."

-- Virginia T., Michigan

  • "It was easy to follow and understand. It progressed in a logical fashion. I enjoyed the course very much!"

-- Patricia T., New Jersey

  • "I liked how everything was explained and shown with a lot of details. This was and will be very useful to me in my training."

-- Marcia M., Minnesota

  • "I liked how much information is provided -- and your genuine concern for the health and safety of the clients I will be serving. This course was one of the most arduous and rewarding experiences of my life. This is my life long dream."

-- Susan B., Quebec, Canada

  • "I loved how comprehensive it was. Even though it was difficult, it answered all the questions I was having. I'm excited about this certificate because I feel much more prepared to train seniors."

-- Sharon B., Ohio

  • "I liked the clear and understandable presentation. Also the broad, yet thorough, coverage of material. I liked the range of subject material and the information presented."

-- Brenda L., Texas

  • "Great program! I liked the actual description and the do's-and-dont's of specific exercises with diagrams."

-- Trina S., Montana

  • "The course content was extensive and all inclusive."

-- Judith S., Washington

  • "Caused me to think and look at fitness for the aging population in a new light. Not a 'cookie cutter' course. I had to really read the material to find the answers. Good course."

-- Alan R., Virginia

  • "Very good explanations. Sensible and easy-to-follow flow of content. Excellent. Most enjoyable."

-- Clare M., Washington

  • "I like the fact that I can utilize some of the subject matter in a day-to-day fitness operation. The course is a reminder of the detailed functions of the human body and why we need to achieve and maintain our quality-of-life fitness level as we grow older."

-- Arthur J., Florida

  • "The course was very easy to understand. I found the material very helpful, as I currently teach land and water exercise classes. Thanks!"

-- Kelly L., Pennsylvania

  • "I learned a lot of info for special populations, and can use all the material in the future for quick reference."

-- Teresa M., New Jersey

  • "Organized, reasonable, targeted. I liked the in-depth study of drugs/conditions that affect post-50 exercisers. And I really liked personally talking to someone on the phone."

-- Rudy R., California

  • "Well written and organized!"

-- Maggie B., Michigan

  • "I liked the fact that the test is open-book and ordered the same as the course material. Part Two contains a lot of material, and the order of presentation and the open-book test are extremely helpful."

-- Lorraine J., Maryland

  • "All the material was very informative in dealing with an aging population."

-- Teri H., Colorado

  • "Excellent. Very thorough material. You made it fun."

-- Vicki H., Washington

  • "Well designed, thorough."

-- Stacey W., Virginia

  • "The contents were easily understood and well organized. The course materials I received were very timely."

-- Lorraine J., Maryland

  • "Great course! Very easy reading and very educational! Easy to understand and apply."

-- Amber W., Iowa

  • "The convenience of home study allowed me the flexibility necessary to complete the course in a timely manner at my own pace."

-- Lynn D., Rhode Island

  • "I thought the material was presented in a very organized manner. Great format."

-- Barbara S., New Jersey

  • "Comprehensive, thorough, including actual exercise routines."

-- Robert C., Michigan

  • "I liked the practical examples and real life scenarios presented."

-- Angela L., Virginia

  • "I liked the ease of understanding the material."

-- Linda T., Virginia

  • "I liked the depth of the information. Nothing was glossed over. I feel confident in what I now know and can deliver. Excellent reference source."

-- Bill M., New York

  • "I appreciated that there was a description of each exercise along with modifications and teaching tips. I also liked that I was able to read along and answer the questions from the packet instead of having to go back later. Very organized! I enjoyed this material and feel more confident as a senior instructor. I enjoyed all the material and videos equally. The way the material was presented made learning and retaining the information easy! Great job! Can't wait to learn more and be a part of such a great organization."

-- Amanda J., Missouri

  • "The manuals are a wonderful reference. The explanations of contraindicated techniques and training methods are great and very helpful. Great course. Very organized and well written. Great!"

-- Gloria F., Massachusetts

  • "The material covered the course objectives with a good flow of information. The content covered was presented well."

-- Cynthia H., Nebraska


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