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Senior Personal Trainer
Here's what recent participants are saying about the program:

  • "All the information -- just great and exactly what I've been searching for."

-- Cathy H., Indiana

  • "Great experience! I have worked directly with older adults since the 1980s, and I found this course to be invigorating! The reading material was amazing, and I plan to utilize it all. Also, I felt the testing was challenging. Thank you."

-- Layne D., Virginia

  • "Pertinent, interesting information was provided."

-- Penny J., Illinois

  • "I am so glad to find courses which focus on older adults and their particular fitness training needs. Thank you for specializing in this very important area. The materials are very well written and a pleasure to read. They cover both theory and practice. The essays and forms are packed with useful, easy to understand information. Excellent course. Well designed."

-- Sharon B., Florida

  • "I found the course to be excellent in all respects and just the kind of course that I was looking for."

-- John F., Florida

  • "I liked the way it laid out the specific needs, requirements, and some helpful suggestions for working with clients who have various physical limitations or conditions -- in a way that will be easy to reference when needed. I also liked the wide variety of topics covered, especially the focus on functional fitness and the points system, nutritional ideas, and the section on risky exercises to avoid."

-- Cynthia E., Michigan

  • "Important content. In-depth, useful information that is well organized and easy to follow and absorb."

-- Annie J., California

  • "The information and illustrations are excellent teaching tools."

-- Dennis S., Arizona

  • "This is the best educational course I've ever taken by far! Outstanding! I already have my master's degree, but I learned so much from this course that I just can't say enough about how great it is. I'll be able to use this new knowledge to really help my older adult fitness clients and make a positive difference in their lives!"

-- Faith W., Florida

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