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What Walk 500 Participants are saying...

Pete Galley, FL

Pete accepted the Walk 500 Challenge at age 78. "I could see progress that I was making on the lengths of my walks, but it was the journaling aspect that really excited me ... it is by walking that we have the opportunity to see the changing aspects of the physical environment around our own homes.

Bill Hendry Jr., CA

After starting the Walk-500 Chalenge at age 57, Bill lost 40 pounds (he has kept off 35 of those pounds for 2 years), lowered his blood pressure from 165/110 to 132/80 and no longer takes cholesterol lowering medication. His advice to others who need to make healthy lifestyle changes is to set a plan and stick to it. "Walk 500 can be the answer for others as it was for me."

Florence Musich, WI

86 year old great grandmother, Florence "Flip" Black Musich, joined Walk 500 nearly 5 years ago."My Walk 500 Log served as a diary. I enjoy nature as I walk 2 miles, 6 days a week. What a serendipity when I saw 2 bears and 3 otters for me to add to my "wild life list"
























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Take the Challenge!

Founded by author and walking/hiking innovator, Ward Luthi, Walk 500 is intended to provide an extra incentive for Americans to "get moving."


Ward Luthi           Christine Schnitzer   Maggie Spilner


Speaking from their Melbourne, Florida headquarters, Director Ward Luthi, Assistant Director, Christine Schnitzer and Editorial Director, Maggie Spilner, describe the Walk 500 program as "an incentive based fitness walking program designed to help America get back on its feet --- and stay there." Walk 500, members not only get healthy by simply taking a walk, but they can also earn rewards such as a Caribbean cruise, a hiking trip in Europe or other items provided by Walk 500 partners.

The Walk 500 team notes that while most Americans know that exercise is important to health, fitness and quality of life, especially as we age, few engage in daily exercise on a continuous basis. The Walk 500 program aims to go beyond the prescription to walk regularly by incorporating social and community goals into the requirements that allow participants to become eligible for prizes.

"We not only encourage folks to walk for a minimum of 40 minutes, most days of the week," says founder, Luthi, "We encourage them to have fun while they walk and to help others get fit too."

Editorial Director, Maggie Spilner, noted that the Walk 500 program helps people connect to each other through member requirements such as committing to accomplishing and documenting "Friendly Walking Feats" as part of their qualifying package. "We want people to help others to better health and fitness. So weíre asking them to think of ways they can help someone or some organization in the community. That might mean volunteering for a community clean up as part of their daily walk or volunteering to help with a local 5k walk. People are encouraged to use their imagination!"

"We know that people can remain vital and active well into their 70ís and 80ís and beyond," says Assistant Director, Christine Schnitzer. "And we know they can have fun doing it. Thatís why we also require our participants to send us a picture of them walking with friends, whether itís in their neighborhood, or on some special walking or hiking outing. We want people to think of exercise, not as a responsibility, but as a passion, something they look forward to every day."

Here's how to join " Walk 500-Take the Challenge!"

Get your " Walk 500 - Take the Challenge!" Manual/Logbook, a monthly e-newsletter and be eligible to win monthly prizes for one year. Send your name, address, email address and phone number with your check or money order for $12.95 (plus $3.95 for shipping and handling-- a total of $16.90) to:

Walk 500, P.O. Box 2433, Sandy, Utah, 84091

GROUP RATE INFORMATION: Please contact Christine Schnitzer at 877.411.9255 or 321.223.1580 to discuss group rates for your community, fitness center, etc. Ms. Schnitzer can also be reached by email at .

Since recent studies that have shown that nearly 2/3 of Americans are overweight and/or obese and that health care costs associated with obesity exceed those related to smoking and alcohol use, Walk 500 can be the ideal fun, challenging way to address the needs of those who require an extra bit of motivation to lose weight and to adopt a healthier active lifestyle.

To learn more about Walk 500, please visit their web site at, email them at or call them 321.773.1067.


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Council members, Mr. Luthi, Ms. Schnitzer and Ms. Spillner have graciously agreed to provide SFA and SFA members with the benefit of their professional insight on issues related to fitness and walking.

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