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Whole-Person Wellness
for Vital Living

Jan Montague, MGS.


Part Five of five installments

Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living: Part Five

New subscribers can read Parts One through Four of this five-part series on wellness by SFA author Jan Montague, MGS, by clicking on "Whole-Person Wellness for Vital Living." That link will provide you with details on: (1) the history, theory, and practice of wellness, especially as applied to older adults; (2) references and recommended reading related to the series, and (3) biographical information on our author. Today, Ms. Montague winds up this invigorating series on a highly inspirational note!

Nurture a wellness state of mind

Following are some positive thoughts and resources that can help you use wellness to light the path of your personal journey through life.

Personal Wellness Involves:

  • Self-Responsibility

  • Optimism

  • Self-Directed Approach

  • Self-Efficacy

  • Choices

Whole-Person Wellness Facts:

  • Whole-person wellness is the integration of an individual's multiple dimensions into positive beliefs and meaningful activities.

  • Wellness is relative to the individual.

  • The process and attainment are behavior specific.

  • Wellness has nothing to do with age.

(Montague, Eippert & Associates, 2005-2006)

Wellness Promotes:

  • Concepts of moderation, rather than excesses;

  • Balance among various facets of life activity;

  • The importance of a personal role in shaping one's health;

  • Providing a broad framework for the integration of activities to enhance human functioning and quality of life;

  • The pursuit of individual efforts and to be as healthy as possible in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.

(Planning Wellness: Getting Off to a Good Start, Larry S. Chapman, MPH)


  • Is a Choice

  • Is a Way of Life

  • Is a Process

  • Is an Efficient Channeling of Energy

  • Is the Integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • Is the Loving Acceptance of Yourself

  • Is the Artful Balance of Purposefully Blending Body, Mind, and Spirit.

(Wellness Workbook, Ryan, Travis, 1988)

The Whole-Person Wellness Model Integrates Six Essential Dimensions of Wellness:

Promote Personal Wellness Today by Performing These Simple Exercises:

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