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SFA's innovative
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A Neuroscientist on SFA’s Brain Fitness Program

Neuroscientist Dr. Ryan McKim: "Cognitive fitness and physical fitness are a natural fit. Drawing on recent neuroscientific research, the SFA has designed a thoughtful and progressive training program for senior fitness professionals interested in integrating cognitive fitness exercises into their existing physical activity programs. This powerful combination has the potential to make a significant impact on the health and well-being of older adults." Dr. McKim continues: "Recent advances in neuroscience are drawing long overdue attention to the importance of cognitive health. The SFA has designed an impressive and well-researched training program for senior fitness professionals."

Ryan McKim, PsyD, is a clinical neuropsychologist specializing in the assessment of memory and cognitive rehabilitation. At San Francisco’s VA Medical Center, he is investigating neuroplasticity and developing novel strategies for veterans with traumatic brain injuries. Dr. McKim teaches neuropsychological assessment at the California Institute of Integral Studies and is vice president of research & outcomes at NeoCORTA Proactive Brain Fitness.

A Gerontologist on SFA’s Brain Fitness Program

Gerontologist Dr. Kathryn Thomas: "The SFA brain fitness materials gracefully strike the balance between rigorous research and practical, actionable information. The materials synthesize an enormous amount of research in a way that is manageable and enjoyable for the reader. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to get up to speed and actively involved in the brain fitness movement."

Kathryn Thomas, PhD, is a gerontologist whose research has been published in peer reviewed journals and presented at national conferences. Dr. Thomas is an adjunct professor at Georgia State University’s Gerontology Institute and is director of business development at NeoCORTA.


Here's what the expert reviewers said:

  • "Outstanding! This course ties together, in a scientifically supported manner, the aspects of physical and mental learning that can occur when fitness training is properly applied -- both for the beginning and experienced trainer."

  • "Awesome program for my seniors. I would recommend this to anyone who works with the senior population. Well worth the time and effort. Thank you!"

  • "I have had an interest in cognitive training for quite some time and have been studying various materials on the subject. This was definitely the most comprehensive study I have seen. This is a very impressive course, concentrating on the scientific aspects of the brain and relating the information to a program in cognitive fitness. I appreciate the fact that it was not over-simplified. The CD-ROM with all the handouts is excellent and I will be using all of them. I highly recommend this course."

SFA's online learning center is pleased to offer this $249.00 course at a special price of only $199.00 and there's never a charge for shipping and handling. Plus, SFA members will save even more. Please note that this special offer only applies to our online edition.

You can click here to check-out our "Learning Center." While you're there, feel free try our "Dowel Exercise" course at no charge. "Dowel Exercise" is a brief sample on-line educational program that's very similar in format to our in-depth programs. You will even be able to download a certificate of successful completion. The course is intended to help you to decide if online learning could be right for you.

If you would like to learn more To learn more about our Brain Fitness for Older Adults course please continue reading below.

Brain Fitness for Older Adults is a comprehensive educational program for senior fitness professionals and will provide the basic foundation you need in:

  • Brain anatomy and physiology,
  • Cognitive functioning,
  • The aging brain,
  • Links between physical exercise and memory,
  • The role of mental stimulation in cognitive health,
  • Social and psycho-emotional influences on cognition, and
  • Activities for promoting brain health in senior exercise programs.

Click below for more program information:

Here's what recent course participants are saying:

  • "The curriculum was very well written and formatted for effective learning. Excellent! Thank you!! Recently, at age 58, I earned an M.S. in Education which focused on developing effective teaching and learning programs and, in my humble opinion, the Brain Fitness for Older Adults program deserves an A+. Thank you."

-- Joanne B., California

  • "It was fascinating. I learned so much, it answered many questions I have had for years, and it did away with many myths that I had about the brain. Janie Clark, you did a fine job. A difficult subject, but you made it understandable. Thank you."

-- Eva B., Ohio

  • "Thank you -- a really fascinating course. Very interesting."

-- Claudine A., United Kingdom

  • "What I liked most about this program was all of it. This course was exceptionally done!! It was great!"

-- Shareen H., Washington

  • "Great breadth of info and appreciated multiple modes of learning (DVD, CD, booklets, etc.). Great!"

-- Karen S., Oregon

  • "Great information -- excellent brain workout. I am excited to incorporate this information into my seniors wellness program."

-- Angela E., Georgia

  • "Well organized and highly instructional."

-- Eleanor M., Florida

  • "What did I like most about this course? Everything."

-- Cathy H., Indiana

  • "I liked everything about the course. I enjoyed learning about how the brain functions and adapts. The completed lesson plans are very useful. Can't wait to include cognitive fitness into my classes."

-- Nicole C., Ontario, Canada

  • "Very professional and credible. Well researched and prepared. This was an excellent experience! I appreciate all the effort that went into preparing this material. Thanks so much!"

-- Terry F., Minnesota

  • "I like everything about this course -- great information. Will use it in my daily work with seniors."

-- Michael S., Michigan

  • "Very interesting subject matter. Looking forward to using it in my fitness program."

Mary D., New York

  • "I felt all the material was very informative and useful. The brain fitness DVD was excellent."

-- Debbie L., New York

  • "Very educational. I appreciate all I have learned. I am already a certified cognitive skills trainer for a private company, but this course truly enhances my credentials."

-- Susan C., Oregon

  • "Very useful information and educational. I liked the variety of materials (CD, books, etc.)."

-- Melissa K., Virginia