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Senior Fitness Certification Programs


SFA'S 2017 college-credit and adult education Senior Fitness Specialist courses are ready for your students. They're complete, ready and easy for your school to implement.


  • Adult Education
  • Physical Education
  • Exercise Science
  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy and P.T. Assistant Programs
  • Gerontology
  • Nursing and Nursing Assistant Programs

Just what you've been looking for!

Dear Educator:

Everywhere people are talking about the "graying of America." As an educator, you are particularly aware of the demographic revolution sweeping our nation. On a widespread basis, institutions of higher learning are seeking and finding productive responses to this surge in the older adult population. The American Senior Fitness Association (SFA) can help schools keep up with these changing times.

As society ages, there is a rising need for qualified professionals in the rapidly growing field of senior fitness management -- and, in turn, for educational programs to train them properly. While many colleges want to offer this training, they have found that developing responsible, complete training courses is a complex task. Today we are pleased to announce that we have the answer: the American Senior Fitness Association College and University Program.

Through this program, your school can conduct state-of-the-art training courses to prepare Senior Fitness Instructors, Senior Personal Trainers, or both. And you can do so for college-credit or for adult education.

Best of all, with SFA programs your students gain even more than education, experience and credit. They also earn a recognized national professional certification.

We developed these courses because colleges called us and asked us to. Those educators sought the best in training for their students -- and more. In the process, they aimed to endow their students with a strong professional edge: the respected credential of SFA national professional certificate.

Perhaps you too have considered offering such training, or will now consider it. If so, we think you are really going to value these SFA courses. We have already done all of the footwork for you:

  • developing curricula to meet the published National Curriculum Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Specialists,
  • producing current-year editions of program materials,
  • successfully completing a comprehensive peer review process,
  • formatting course content to match college time-tables (semesters as well as various adult education terms),
  • providing complete course outlines and detailed lesson plans,
  • keeping programs current and ensuring continued excellence in course authorship with an eminent national board of medical, academic, research, gerontological, physical education, exercise science, recreation and activity experts.
Your students receive an extraordinary discount on their complete SFA training package including textbooks, manuals, study aids, video training, and their examination fee. SFA student rates are so heavily discounted that they are far less than wholesale rates anywhere.

At no charge, SFA also provides participating schools a complete Teacher's Resource Package, containing everything in the student package PLUS our excellent Teacher's Guide. This complimentary SFA Teacher's Guide is so complete it makes teaching a true pleasure. Equip your teacher with detailed lesson plans, student hand-outs, assignment quizzes, learning activity ideas, supplemental readings, hundreds of study question answers, and additional resource recommendations!

Who Should Take SFA Educational Courses?

One major quality of SFA programs is that they are ideal for so very many students. Because the courses are so complete, we have not found it necessary to set prerequisites for enrollment. Therefore, the courses can be run as non-credit classes as well as for undergraduate and even graduate level college-credit.

In ever increasing numbers, physical therapists, P.T. assistants, nurses, and other health care workers are choosing to earn SFA certification. It serves medical personnel well professionally by making them more valuable and competitive in the workplace -- or, if desired, more independent.

SFA professional education programs have always been popular among professionals with backgrounds in physical education, exercise science, gerontology, recreation and activities management.

On the other hand, many new SFA professionals are retirees launching a second career. And, some are dedicated fitness buffs with a keen interest in exercise and the desire to turn professional.

If you choose to offer SFA programs to your community on a non-credit basis, you will find many interested lay persons. For a number of reasons, these courses are perfect for studious seniors themselves. SFA programs can help your school fulfill its commitment to your community in many categories of service, including: adult education, continuing education, lifelong learning, and practical short-term career training. SFA courses provide excellent stand-alone job training. And, they provide fine continuing education for professionals working in the field of gerontology/geriatrics, including: activity professionals, exercise and fitness professionals, social workers, nurses, physical therapists, nursing and P.T. assistants, and other health care professionals. Through SFA programs, students achieve their continuing education goals while simultaneously earning the credential of nationally recognized professional certification.

If you offer SFA studies for college-credit, the courses will be relevant to students in many fields and academic departments: physical education, adapted physical education, exercise science and physiology, gerontology, physical therapy and P.T. assistant programs, nursing and nursing assistant programs, recreational therapy and activities management, social work, and more. SFA training gives your student the advantage of earning a practical, highly respected professional certification while, at the same time, earning college credit towards the completion of his or her degree.

Who Can Teach These Courses?

SFA does not issue regulations to colleges and universities regarding teacher appointments. We trust your judgment and do not want to establish rules that might inadvertently hinder progress. One reason SFA so readily agreed to work with colleges and universities is their high quality control standards. We know we can rest assured that our college and university systems successfully strive to engage excellent teachers.

Outside of the SFA College and University Program, SFA workshop presenters have a medical license or a master's degree in a fitness-related field, holds an SFA Certificate of Advanced Qualification, extensive experience in senior exercise management, and strong presentation skills. However, you may know a teacher who does not fit that profile and you may feel that this individual is right for the program. Certainly, a competent, versatile teacher with a strong enthusiasm for the subject matter would be a good candidate regardless of his or her degree, etc. Since colleges and universities are experts in this area, SFA will support your decisions on teacher selection. If teachers are not senior fitness experts at first, they will be in short order.

This is possible because SFA courses are so complete and well organized. We have done all of the advance work for your teacher. For teachers highly skilled in senior fitness matters, SFA lesson plans provide the freedom to control their courses, but the back-up to make class enjoyable and worry-free. For less expert teachers, SFA provides the detail, structure, and direction needed to ensure confidence, ease of operation, and success.

In keeping with our pledge to entrust participating schools with teacher selection, we do not specify SFA certification as a requirement. That could conceivably create obstacles to starting-up the program in some schools that have a suitable uncertified teacher. However, we do encourage all teachers to obtain SFA certification at their earliest opportunity. To promote their ability to do so, SFA provides convenient, complimentary certification testing for teachers.

Upon request, we can recommend highly qualified SFA members in some locales.

As a general guide, interested faculty recruited from any of the following departments make good candidates: physical education, adapted physical education, exercise science or physiology, gerontology, nursing (and nursing assistant programs), physical therapy (and P.T. assistant programs), or recreational therapy. Educators from various backgrounds will appreciate SFA's teacher-friendly course plans.

How Does the Program Work?

First the school orders Student Resource Packages for the number of students expected to enroll. SFA automatically includes the appropriate complimentary Teacher's Resource Package(s) with the shipment. It will contain the Teacher's Guide, which provides direction in all aspects of course implementation -- from how to schedule courses, to specific assignments and classroom activities.

SFA's detailed lesson plans are supplied as a tool for the teacher -- to follow as closely as the teacher deems practicable. The certification examination should be scheduled towards the end of the course. Upon notification, SFA will ship numbered examinations directly to the teacher for test administration. Completed examinations are shipped back to SFA headquarters for scoring, then the teacher receives the results. As necessary, arrangements for re-testing can be initiated at this time. Official certification documents are shipped to the students' home addresses.

In Summary

If you have additional questions, please call the American Senior Fitness Association at (904) 423-6634.

We sincerely hope to form a productive alliance with your school. SFA seeks to help schools provide outstanding senior fitness training programs that equip their students with requisite knowledge, skills and the professional advantage of SFA certification. Our programs include resources and procedures that are economical and user-friendly to students, faculty and administrators. We are pleased to offer a partnership that will produce winning outcomes for all concerned -- ultimately including our communities and older adult citizens. We look forward to hearing back from you and to the possibility of working with you in the near future.

For additional information about SFA's exciting College / University program please click here.

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Copyright 2007, American Senior Fitness Association


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International Curriculum Guidelines for Preparing Physical Activity Instructors of Older Adults.  

National Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Instructors