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Senior Fitness Certification Programs



SFA'S 2011 college-credit and adult education Senior Fitness Specialist courses are ready for your students. They're complete, ready and easy for your school to implement.

Purchase orders from colleges, universities and hospitals are accepted. Please fax your purchase order to (386) 427-0613 and then verify receipt by calling (800) 243-1478.

Please note: SFA works with department heads, teachers, or college bookstores to exchange one payment for one materials shipment prior to the start of each term. (For numerous reasons, we do not collect checks from students individually or make individual shipments to students). Thank you.

Minimum order: eight Student Resource Packages.

On your purchase order, please specify your selection(s) from the following options:

_____ Senior Fitness Instructor Program Student Resource Packages @ $150.00 each ______

_____ Senior Personal Trainer Program Student Resource Packages @ $150.00 each ______

IMPORTANT: DO NOT TRY TO COMBINE THE SENIOR FITNESS INSTRUCTOR AND SENIOR PERSONAL TRAINER COURSES INTO ONE COURSE. Doing so will compromise your students' learning experience and prove overly complicated for the teacher. Run one course at a time.

If you offer both courses during consecutive terms, students who already hold an SFA Advanced Qualification should receive further-discounted packages for their second course:

_____ Senior Fitness Instructor Program Student Resource Packages (for SPT-A.Q. Students) @ $125.00 each ______

_____ Senior Personal Trainer Program Student Resource Packages (for SFI-A.Q. Students) @ $125.00 each ______

If desired, specify shipping preference.

Please be sure to include your purchase order number.

With your first order of either SFA educational program, your school will receive its corresponding Teacher's Resource Package as a free gift from the American Senior Fitness Association.


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Good news for senior fitness professionals & fitness enthusiasts. SFA basic membership is now free!

There's no catch or obligation. You'll get SFA's e-newsletter, "Experience!", discounts on SFA programs and more. SFA will not share your information with any other organizations.

International Curriculum Guidelines for Preparing Physical Activity Instructors of Older Adults.  

National Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Instructors