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    SFA Program Review: Conductorcise

The American Senior Fitness Association's first response to Maestro David Dworkin's Conductorcise program is a resounding, "BRAVO!!" But there's so much more to tell...

World renowned conductor and clarinetist, David Dworkin, offers physical activity sessions that provide sound aerobic fitness conditioning, a rich musical experience, and a healthy dose of can-do motivation! Mr. Dworkin combines decades of professional musical experience with the leonine handsome looks and dignified carriage of the consummate maestro and refined, international gentleman. Add to that a fun - loving, mischievous quality and you'll understand why he's so popular with kids as well as with senior citizens.

"But," you might fret, "I have no musical background, so I probably can't succeed in this program." Not to worry! Absolutely no musical knowledge is required ... but you will come away with increased music appreciation. The constant smiles on the faces of David Dworkin's Conductorcise participants tell the whole story.

So the American Senior Fitness Association says: Why not add a little joy, charm, culture and sophistication to fitness ... and to life in general? Here is one physical exercise program that is innovative, unique, and truly special!


NOTE: Maestro Dworkin can arrange one hour sessions of "Conductorcise" at a location near you.

  • Contact information:
  • Conductorcise
  • Maestro David Dworkin
  • Dworkin & Associates
  • P.O. Box 248
  • Bedford Hills NY 10507
  • Telephone (914) 244_3803
  • Fax: (914) 244_3878
  • E mail:
  • Website: www.Conductorcise.com

Special Note: Conductorcise provides very simple, easy-to-follow, beginner-level workouts. Active, fit participants therefore may not experience them as sufficiently stimulating and challenging. However, many light-intensity participants acclaim them as both delightful and highly beneficial.

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