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 Reprinted from Mature Fitness (formerly published as the Senior Fitness Bulletin) by
 permission of the American Senior Fitness Association (800) 243-1478,


If you are interested in beginning a second career, fitness leadership may be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

As a certified fitness instructor, you can be self-employed and work part-time hours as desired. You can tailor a flexible schedule that complements your other interests and commitments.

Teaching can supplement your income. Or, if preferred, you can use your training in a valuable volunteer capacity.

Few careers can be accessed with so modest an investment. Training is comparatively non time-consuming, certification is inexpensive, and start-up costs are low.

Fitness instruction is an excellent way to keep active during retirement, to help others, and to help yourself at the same time. Working in this field can be very rewarding in terms of preserving your physical health. It also promotes personal wellbeing and self-esteem.

As a retired professional, you may be in a favorable position to start up exercise classes at the place of your former employment. If the company already has an employee wellness program, you could be an ideal candidate to join its instructional team.

You may meet with enthusiasm by proposing to teach classes for your country club, church, or condominium association.

One of the best ways a local social or service organization can start a fitness class for its members is to sponsor the certification of an interested member who wants to lead the class.

Older clients value a mature instructor's understanding of their concerns and experiences. Often, a retirement_aged leader becomes an inspirational role model.

The exercise field offers a fulfilling second career option, especially if you've always been interested in fitness matters and now have more time to pursue those interests. The greatest opportunities appear to involve working with other active older adults. The best way to begin is by enrolling in the SFA Senior Fitness Instructor certification program.


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