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SFA has discontinued the "hardcopy" version of this publication. A new on-line version is planned for the near future. Meanwhile, we are pleased to offer Experience!.

Experience! is SFA's twice monthly e-newsletter. It's  written to be informative to you, the older adult fitness professional, and to be shared with your clients. Best of all, Experience! is included with our free basic membership. See sign-up information at right.

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Samples of a few past articles

Dont miss an issue of SFAs internationally respected quarterly publication Mature Fitness (formerly the Senior Fitness Bulletin).

Active Lifestyles...Senior Softball

Each issue of Mature Fitness is packed with practical information designed to keep you on top with the latest news in senior fitness research, leadership practices, case studies, classroom tips and more! In fact every issue features the newest in senior strength training, aerobic choreography, seated exercise, and programming for special conditions.


The resource section alerts you to new books, videos, audio tapes, and fitness equipment that will improve your older adult exercise programs.

The research section keeps you abreast of the latest findings in senior fitness studies.

The question and answer column lets you tap the knowledge of international experts on topics ranging from senior fitness safety guidelines to exercise interactions with prescription drugs.

And each issue provides a client handout for you to share with your exercise participants.

Recent Mature Fitness authors include Greg Welch, Wayne Westcott, Ken Alan, Sandy Coffman, Karl Knopf, Janie Clark, Kay Van Norman, Mary Ann Wilson, Laura Gladwin, Jan Montague, Ellen Coven, Jessie Jones, Roberta Rikli, and other older adult fitness experts.

Seize the professional advantage with SFAs Mature Fitness, the magazine written exclusively for you, the older adult exercise specialist. If you care about senior fitness, you wont want to miss a single issue of Mature Fitness!

Note: If you enroll in an SFA certification program or become an SFA member, your one-year Mature Fitness subscription is automatically included.