The table of contents for SFA's Senior Personal Trainer training manual includes:

  • Strength Training: The Logical Solution

  • Senior Strength: Concepts for Program Periodization and Progression

  • Enhancing Strength Training Self-Efficacy and Attitudes in Seniors

  • Specialized Strength Training for Seniors: Power for the Golf Course

  • Introduction to Exercise Physiology

  • Aspects of Anatomy

  • Introduction to Behavior Modification & Healthy Lifestyles Psychology

  • Wellness-Oriented Custom Older Adult Training

  • Nutritional and Fat Loss Guidance

  • Practical Considerations in Custom Training Programs

  • Simple Fitness Testing for Seniors

  • Focus on Strength Training

  • Focus on Functional Fitness

  • Focus on Post Successful-Rehab Clients

  • Focus on Senior Athletes

  • Focus on Typical Senior Populations

  • Points Training Systems

  • Risky Exercise Moves to Avoid

  • Management Principles

  • Additional Sample Forms

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Senior Personal Trainer




SFA's Senior Personal Trainer educational program creates exciting new career opportunities for you. SFA training opens doors into the homes and gyms of valued personal training clients.

You can provide the best specialized one-on-one training for older adults ranging from typical healthy individuals, to post-rehab stroke and cardiac clients, to active senior athletes.

You will profit from SFA's practical approach to fitness education. Below are descriptions of just some of the vital topics you will study:

  • The section entitled "Wellness-Oriented Custom Older Adult Training" provides complete step-by-step instructions for expanding a personal training business into a professional service that promotes total client wellness.

  • "Focus on Senior Athletes" explores working with high-fit seniors, older competitive athletes, and sports-minded older adults who want to improve their golf and tennis games.

  • "Points Training Systems" provides everything you need to quantify your client's training program, thereby ensuring balanced training and adequate energy expenditure.

  • "Management Principles" addresses legal, business, and marketing considerations. It shows you how to perfect your teaching, communication, and motivational skills. And it discusses important gerontological factors that you need to fully understand in order to be an effective senior personal trainer.

Additional topics covered by the SFA Senior Personal Trainer educational program include:

  • Risk Factor Considerations 

  • Older Adult Programming Guidelines

  • Frequency, Duration, Intensity, Mode, and Progression 

  • Exercise Interactions and Implications

  • Medical Clearance Requirements Techniques for Monitoring Intensity Levels 

  • Cardiovascular Concerns: CAD, Hypertension, TIA, Stroke, Intermittent Claudication 

  • Obesity 

  • Diabetes 

  • Back Problems

  • Arthritis 

  • Osteoporosis 

  • Balance and Motor Control Deficits

  • Fall Prevention Sight/Hearing Deficits

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