Forbes Reveals Its Top Pick for the Best Mobility Scooter

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Last updatedLast updated: July 06, 2022
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Mobility scooters allow people with mobility issues to live a normal life and visit malls, family and friends or travel to work or vacations. A lightweight mobile scooter is easy to navigate, transport and store.

Forbes’ List of the Best Lightweight Mobility Scooters of 2022

The market is full of a variety of brands and models that can make it difficult to pick the right product for your lifestyle needs. Fortunately, the Forbes health editorial team has made things easier with a research on nearly 200 products to compile a list of the best lightweight mobility scooters of 2022. The team analyzed the products based on safety, overall weight, price and comfort.

According to the results, Forbes recommends Golden Technologies Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter as one of the best lightweight mobility scooters of 2022.

Why Forbes chose Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter

The team picked the scooter because it is foldable to a narrow width of 12 inches, has a long travel range of up to 18 miles with the 15 AH lithium-ion battery pack fully charged and the wheels are quite stable. However, you will have to purchase the travel-approved 6.5 AH battery with a travel case separately which adds to the cost. Besides the extra cost, using this battery also reduces the travel range of the Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter dramatically.

Another outstanding feature that impressed the Forbes health editorial team and one that separates this model from other lightweight scooters is the inclusion of both front and rear lights.

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies is a leading manufacturer of power wheelchairs, mobility scooters and luxurious lift and recline chairs. The Company is family-owned and operated and its products are known for convenience, performance, comfort and creative designs.

Rich Golden, CEO of Golden Technologies, said it was an honor to have Forbes’ stamp of approval and the lightweight Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter has also been a hit with customers because of its transportability. He credits that to Golden’s innovative approach of boosting strength, distance range and weight capacity while keeping the mobility scooters portable, lightweight, elegant and fun to drive.

Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter Overview

Forbes Reveals Its Top Pick for the Best Mobility ScooterThe Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter seat is not as well-padded as most of the company’s Buzzaround models but Forbes still find the cushion more generous than most of the competing products. This model also features a higher-reaching backrest and a seat shape that is more ergonomic. The flip-up armrests add to the comfort and flexibility of this mobility scooter.

Although you cannot adjust the seat height, this mobility scooter is user-friendly with an infinitely adjustable tiller that allows users to custom-fit the seat. Golden technologies has also paid attention to detail with the controls which include an oversized speed control knob and a display that is easy to read.

The mobility scooter boasts of 4-inch ground clearance that is above average and suitable for a wide range of terrains. However, the recommended incline is only up to 6 degrees.

Safety features

To ensure safety, the Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter comes with a high-visibility orange flag that you can insert into the back seat pocket of the scooter at half or full height. The self-locking seat frame of the mobility scooter also safeguards the position of the user to remain safe and stable during the ride. It ensures that the driver seat does not interfere with the user’s ability to ride.


Users and caregivers will appreciate the significant but manageable weight of the Buzzaround CarryOn mobility scooter and how easy it is to disassemble it into only two pieces, with the heaviest weighing about 50 pounds, and load them into a car or SUV. You can fold the tiller into a flat position for easy travel.

Golden Technologies blends comfort, style, portability and convenience in their products. When you fold the BuzzAround CarryOn without the seat, its height is only 12 inches and that can fit under the bed or in small compartments for storage. The portable mobility scooter with a fun sporty design and a spacious seat has maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds to accommodate more individuals of varied weight and build. It also includes a convenient basket and drink holder for additional storage.


The Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter costs relatively more than an average portable scooter as well as other on-road scooters offered by Golden Technologies. It performs similarly to its rivals in speed, weight capacity and turning radius, among other usability aspects. It also comes with only one seat height position. Otherwise, it provides plenty of mobility benefits in a compact, practical package. Compared to most portable scooters, Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter is more comfortable and it comes with front and rear lighting. It is also adjustable and portable, making it one of the best lightweight mobility scooters of 2022.

Check the user manual for recommendations on how to clean the Buzzaround CarryOn Mobility Scooter and check specific areas for wear and tear as part of routine maintenance. Contact a dealer approved by Golden Technologies to service the scooter. Golden Technologies has local authorized dealers that it uses to sell most of its inventory and for repairs.

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