National Senior Health and Fitness Day 2022 – What It Is and How to Register

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Last updatedLast updated: July 06, 2022
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National Senior and Health and Fitness Day is a day that promotes improved health for seniors.

History of National Senior Health and Fitness Day

The day is observed on the last Wednesday of May and this year there will be two events in Spring and Fall; Wednesday, May 25 and Wednesday, October 26. The Mature Market Resource Center partners with private and non-profit NGOs to celebrate the largest health and wellness event for older adults in America. This year will mark the 29th year since the event was first observed.

What is National Senior Health and Fitness Day?

The day emphasizes the need to prioritize a healthy diet that improves energy and immunity and exercise to preserve bone density and to reduce the risk of fractures and other conditions and illnesses. We look at the options available for physical activity for seniors and create awareness of the prominent role that nutrition and exercise plays to prevent ill health.

There are assisted-living communities nationwide that provide intermediate care for older persons who cannot live independently. These include communities that offer respite care, memory care, in-home care and continuing care retirement.

The common goal of National Senior Health and Fitness day 2022 is to help seniors in the U.S. to stay fit and healthy.

Media Observations for NSHFD

On this day, at least 100,000 older persons take part in health and wellness events in more than 1,200 locations across the nation.  The locations that host the National Senior Health and Fitness events include hospitals, senior centers, health departments, recreation centers, houses of worship, area agencies on aging, health clubs, retirement communities, banks, and service organizations.

The types of activities held on this day are exercise demonstrations, screenings, mini-health fairs, walking tours, and health presentations.

To promote the importance of eldercare, the Mature Market Resource Center also works with local health and senior organizations to sponsor, organize and host various events in gyms and neighborhood parks, among other locations.

How to Register for the National Senior Health and Fitness Day 2022

The National Senior Health and Fitness Day’s name and logo are federal trademarks and you must register every year to use them if you are interested in hosting the event. When you register, you get a license to legally use the trademarks, access to the website and the resources and materials you need to host the event, and a free subscription to the event’s newsletter, FitnessDay news, and the option to purchase the official promotional items.

The fee for the 2022 event registration is $34.95 for each location. There are two events scheduled this year for Spring and Fall to celebrate the National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Local groups that wish to host the Spring, Fall or both events can register for free for a limited time.

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