Taking Care of the Seniors: Forcemech Navigator 2022

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Last updatedLast updated: July 06, 2022
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The Forcemech Navigator is a 2022 flagship model that is the latest addition to the Navigator series of electric-powered wheelchairs. It boasts of powerful features which we have listed below.

Key features:

Forcemetech Navigator has numerous features that place it ahead of its competitions. They include anti-theft safety mechanism, portability and a high weight limit.

Solid and durable framework

The wheelchair comes with the same robust aluminum alloy frame and polyurethane wheels as the original Navigator.

High weight capacity

The fortified body of this electric wheelchair is able to accommodate users that weigh up to 397 pounds. There is also ample seating room of 17 x 17 inches for a comfortable ride.

Ideal for all road conditions

Dubbed the King for its toughness, the electric chair can withstand harsh weather and all terrains because it is equipped with front-shock absorption honey-comb tires that optimize smooth navigation and an intelligent electromagnetic brake for safety. and it is capable of maximum climbing slope of 12 degrees and a travel speed of 4.5 mph.

Long-lasting batteries

The electric chair comes with dual Force-Max Li-ion NCM batteries that offer travelling range of up to 16 miles on full charge. The power input and output for the controller is AC 100-220V, 50-60Hz and DC 24V, 2A respectively. The high performance batteries are enclosed in a sturdy industrial-grade material and buyers also receive a charger that is compatible with power outlets in most countries.

Electronic anti-theft lock

This should be able to give you peace of mind and deter potential thieves in case you leave the wheelchair unattended.

Foldable to save space

Forcemech Navigator is 38 x 25 x 37 inches in dimensions but you can fold it to a compact size of 25 x 13 x 31 inches for convenient storage and transport. Lift the arm rest to fit it in your car’s trunk to move it to different locations. You can even take the power wheelchair with you on vacations because it is approved by FAA for air travel.

Manageable weight

Forcemech navigator weighs 53 pounds which is reasonable considering the sturdy build and the advanced features.

Easy assembly

This electric wheelchair arrives pre-assembled and all you have to do is to attach the joystick controller that moves in all directions. You can mount the controller on the right or left arm rest.

Free travel bag

Please note that this only applies to the 2022 Limited Edition while supplies last.

This is one of the best electric wheelchairs we can recommend because of the mobility and freedom it provides for seniors or the disabled. It features several features that promote performance, safety and ease of use. You can buy the product here.

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