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Advanced Qualification
or Certificate of Completion?

SFA lets you choose which type of
educational program is right for you.





SFA’s Advanced Qualification programs are designed for those participants who are planning to focus on the older adult segment of the fitness industry. SFA Certificate of Advanced Qualification programs will provide you with the senior specific, comprehensive education required to successfully serve this population and to earn a recognized and respected professional senior specific fitness certification.

Advanced Qualification programs require successfully completing a proctored, closed-book examination and providing proof of supplemental certification in both adult CPR and basic first aid. SFA Advanced Qualification is renewable every two years with proof of current CPR/first aid certification along with 2.0 SFA approved continuing education credits. By meeting these stringent program requirements, you will have demonstrated a level of knowledge and commitment sufficient to earn a Certificate of Advanced Qualification from the American Senior Fitness Association.

If the SFA program in which you are planning to enroll is intended to be your primary senior fitness industry credential, Advanced Qualification is the right program for you.

SFA’s Certificate of Completion programs are designed for those who simply want to increase their knowledge in the area of older adult fitness and/or to earn continuing education credits for other professional associations. Certificate of completion programs feature the same educational materials and learning objectives as Advanced Qualification programs. However, they are designed as self-paced, open-book correspondence courses and may be conveniently completed at home utilizing an open book test that is sent to SFA headquarters for grading.

For your convenience, each certificate program is divided into two courses (Part One and Part Two) which may be purchased separately or together. Completing both parts will earn a certificate from the American Senior Fitness Association.

Not sure that a Certificate of Completion program will meet your needs? Relax, SFA Certificate of Completion programs may be upgraded to Advanced Qualification at a later date if desired.

If your SFA program is intended to supplement your existing credentials (and/or to earn continuing education credits for other organizations), then the certificate of completion program may be ideal for your purpose.

Students may pursue either an Advanced Qualification or a certificate of completion (or both) in any or all of three separate areas of study:

Senior Fitness Instructor Program Senior Fitness Instructor
Senior Personal Trainer Program 
Senior Personal Trainer
Long Term Care Fitness Leader 
Long Term Care Fitness

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